Brief June Update!

Perhaps the most important news to relay is that I have delayed the trip launch date by two weeks. This is mostly because I am working hard on a great prefab. project with Medicine Hat Inc. that I would like to see through the move at the end of June. Along with this learning opportunity comes a few more paychecks to help stretch my pocket-book a little more before the long trip. I will now be flying out of Bozeman on Thursday, July 15th, and will be traveling around Southern Alaska for a few weeks before getting on my bike officially at the end of the month. This pushes me back to the very tail end of the window for departure, so I will have to be cautious and efficient for the first month or so until I arrive in the Northwest and am away from the chance of cold, wet (snowy) conditions.
It goes without saying that I am increasingly nervous about the trip, but all I can do is check things off the to-do list and think of all the amazing experiences I will have. I am in the long process of acquiring gear and feel very confident in what I will be using. There is one more part on order for my bike before I can complete the overhaul and post some photos. The last few months have also included the addition of a few more sponsors. ProLite Gear is a lightweight backpacking outfitter in Bozeman that has jumped on board to assist in a lot of my gear decisions. I do feel I would be much more lost without the steady advice and opinions of Brad at ProLite. It helps to know that anything they send me out the door with they back 100%. I hope not to have any issues with the gear I will be using, but if I do, then they will be able to help me sort it out. Another proud supporter of this grand adventure is EJ at Medicine Hat Design where I have been working since the beginning of April. His support is very much appreciated, and I am thrilled that he sees value in my argument that this trip will provide me with some very rich personal growth which in return with greatly enhance and influence my future role as a designer, or artist, or craftsmen. I am presuming that EJ would rather forfeit his support of my trip in exchange for my lasting employment, but the path is already unfolding before me and I must see what it holds.
In other news, tonight I am having an art opening at the Nova Cafe in Bozeman, MT as part of the Bozeman Art Walk. I have been attempting to promote this trip through some photography exhibits around town and so far it has been a big success. I would love to see everyone there if they can make it.
Thanks again for all the support, and your patience, as I am a very busy man these days and can’t hardly find the time to ride my bike, let alone update the website.
Oh, I almost forgot to mention that I awoke at 5 this morning, June 11th, to see a fresh layer of snow on the ground outside. I love the wet, soggy, snowy, cold springtime in Montana!

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  1. Tucker says:

    You mentioned that once you arrive in the NW, you will escape the cold, wet conditions. I want to clarify that you are mistaken and that you are likely to find cold, wet conditions when you finally reach the NW, regardless of the time of year. Today, here in the NW, it reminded me of February – cold and wet.

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