A Fresh Look at the Dalton Hwy.

Now that everyone has had an opportunity to read about what I went through on the Dalton Highway I thought it appropriate to give another viewpoint. I mentioned in my post about meeting an Englishman, Nathan, who is doing a trip very similar to my own. His attitude and approach to the road was inspirational to say the least, and it shows up in his post about the ride down from Prudhoe Bay. See what he has to say on his blog http://velofreedom.wordpress.com. I have learned many lessons of the road on my short stint down from Prudhoe Bay. Some of them were gleaned from this gentleman, while others were beaten into me by the unforgiving road.
We are departing Fairbanks tomorrow as a touring duo hoping to knock out some flat miles on our way to Canada. It has been a blast to be in Fairbanks, but I am looking forward to the rhythms of the road. Thanks also to everyone who has contacted me and given words of congratulations, encouragement or support, and for the B-day wishes. It was a relaxing day, but fun to spend it out in a new part of the world. May the road unwind before me (this time in a flat and windless way)!

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  1. Patrick says:

    What have you been listening to on the old music player? Any serious heavy metal to get over the hills or does a little phish jam session make the time go by? I am sure you wish you had your Sirius radio to listen to now.

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