Tok, Alaska

Four days out of Fairbanks, and we (Nathan and I) have made it to the happy crossroads of Tok. Venturing south and west from this junction and you will journey to Anchorage. South and east of here, as we will be doing, and you will make it to the Canadian border in less than a hundred miles. A big milestone by any account, but the first border crossing of many on this trip feels very significant. The days have been an undulation of emotions and a perfectly flat road. We have dubbed the days a “slog” as we venture to the next exciting point on the map, Whitehorse, Canada. There have been strong headwinds and relentless heat to battle, which has us feeling slow and apprehensive about life on the bike. I knew these days would happen, and am continuing to relish in the good moments. For instance, after multiple days on the road it was tough to drag the body out of the tent this morning, but once on the road we miraculously found some tailwinds to push us on to Tok. On occasion the adventure of it all will catch up to us and keep us focused. Lately we find our struggles to be with the heat and getting enough water, which sometimes is an adventure unto itself. Things are going well, and the miles continue to clip by. I will be taking a needed rest and recoupe break in Whitehore before heading out for the famed Stewart-Cassiar Hwy. and will plan to upload the few pics I have of this leg of the journey in addition to a little more detailed post of life on the road.

4 Responses to “Tok, Alaska”

  1. dan says:

    Good luck in Canadia. I hope it’s not too much culture shock.

  2. Dan Lloyd says:

    Congratulation on you journey to Tok! Your ride from Tok to Whitehorse should be very enjoyable. Take your time and enjoy your ride. You still have 17 months to make your goal, you have many followers and well wishers; I for one enjoy reading your blog.

  3. Patrick says:

    Slay those miles. With all this talk of headwind and tailwind it is starting to sound a bit like you are on a sailing trip rather than your bike. Safe travels.

  4. George Florentine says:

    Yup, hot headwinds suck! But glad to see you conquered The Dalton! I laughed when I realized you were riding that – I’m a bit Ice Road Truckers fan and after having heard how treacherous Atigan Pass is in the winter, it was a hoot to see that you biked it. Hope you get some more tailwinds soon! Crossing into Canada will be a big emotional boost, I’m sure.

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