A Change of Weather & Countries

We must have complained a little to hard about the heat, because mother nature turned around and is dishing out some cold and rainy weather for us to deal with. Today will be the third day of 40 degree temps and rain or drizzle. We have been fortunate to only be wet and misserable while riding, and not while camping. On a positive note – We made it to Canada! Passed through the border yesterday afternoon a little soggy and worse for wear, but thrilled to make another milestone on the journey south. The weather should improve over the next few days, but the reality of our situation with seasons is becoming very clear, and we are eager to hurry along south. This will all be very entertaining to look back upon, and at least so far hasn’t gotten too out of hand (hypothermia and the likes). Thanks for all the support, send some wishes for warmer weather.

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  1. Martha says:

    Great news, Canada! Can’t wait to see more images. I’m working on lodging in Vancouver so will let you know shortly. As for sending you warm weather, you know I hate the stuff so I’ve packaged up all the heat that Bozeman has to offer and have Fed Ex’d it your way. Enjoy!

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