Haines Junction (Two days more to Whitehorse)

Somehow the pedals keep on turning (I am not sure how or who is turning them, ’cause at times it doesn’t feel like me). We have picked up the pace to make it to Whitehorse before winter, and it is taking a toll on the body. It is nice to know that we are strong enough to make a 60 mile day out of headwinds and hills. Must mean the strength is steadily building. I am really looking forward to a few days off in Whitehorse, to relax and refuel. But, that will be short lived before hitting the road again. Canada has treated us well, and the landscapes are just amazing. We have often argued as to whether or not they are better than Alaska’s. Decision: Yes. Our ride alongside Kluane National Park has been a real treat. A quick stop in Haines Junction this morning to grab a few things and check on places to stay in Whitehorse, and then back in the saddle again. Yesterday was momentous because it marked the 1,000mile mark on our journey south. It really feels like a big milestone and represents, to me, the importance of this journey, and my continued confidence in its success.

3 Responses to “Haines Junction (Two days more to Whitehorse)”

  1. Martha says:

    Yes, 1000 miles is an impressive feat. So glad that you’re sounding positive and strong. Sorry for you that winter is arriving sooner rather than later. Am having fun reading both your blog and Nathan’s. Keep it coming!

  2. dan says:

    1000 miles! That’s a lot.

  3. Twila says:

    Sounds like it is going well and that you are getting used to living with whatever nature dishes out. Keep having fun!

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