Lessons of the Road: 0-2000 miles

1. Expectations of the road, yourself, the terrain, will be broken.
Good terrain can be deceptively challenging, challenging terrain can be deceptively easy.
2. There is always balance, even on the road; every ascent is met with a descent, and every challenge will be met with a reward.
Refer to last post: The Challenge Rewarded
3. You will never be prepared with exactly what you think you need, but you will also feel like you always have too much.
When it is cold and wet, something always seems better than what you have to work with. When it is dry and beautiful, you will always question why you are carrying all the cold, wet weather gear.
4. Wishing and yearning is an escape from being and doing.
Thinking of something you are missing or desiring will never make the challenges of the moment any easier.
5. Your mind will always be more powerful than your legs.
Feed your mind and your body will always have the needed strength.

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