Smithers to Banff (Day 52 – 70)

I have finally managed to compile some images from our eastward journey from Smithers, British Columbia to Banff, Alberta. Thanks for everyone’s patience as I pedal on down the road and neglect to regularly update the website. We are currently in Canmore until tomorrow afternoon when we will get a ride back up the road to Lake Louise to resume our journey towards Vancouver. Oddly, there are not a lot of images in the new slideshow (not for a lack of pictures, 300 to be exact). This is primarily because I am constantly immersed in grand and beautiful landscapes, and I am struggling to relay the distinct and uniqueness of the places I am traveling through. When I looked back at all the great pictures the mountains and blue skies all begin to blur together. Please let me know what you enjoy seeing in my photo updates, what seems mundane and unnecessary, and what I could include more of. After a trip into town this afternoon I hope to be inspired to write a complete update about the past few weeks of travel.

2 Responses to “Smithers to Banff (Day 52 – 70)”

  1. Piaw Na says:

    Hi Justin & Nathan, I met you folks at the visitor center in Banff. Here’s my trip report:

    You can click on the Day 12 link to get to photos of the two of you. Tailwinds,

  2. Becca says:

    I love reading the words… I love looking at the photos… I know it must be hard to take photos of you, but photos of you are fun to see too!! I’m sad I missed the trip to Banff, but I’m glad you got to see some friendly faces from Bozetown 🙂

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