Ok, wait just a bit longer.

So, in the interest of meeting up with the Seattle crew this weekend, I will be departing Vancouver tomorrow and making a three day journey down to Seattle. As a result, all the updates and news pieces will be on hold until then. I do plan on taking some decent time off in Seattle under the great care of the Stevens and getting everything organized, so a lot of that time will be devoted to web updates. Thanks for your patience, and don’t forget that I will soon be back in the cell-phone world and anxious to talk to everyone.

4 Responses to “Ok, wait just a bit longer.”

  1. Hola,

    Martha and I passed quite a few spanish cyclists today on the road between Tarifa and Arcos and thought of you. Our few travel hiccups and complaints seemed trivial as we talked about your trek and accomplishments thus far. Glad to see you´re either in or near Seattle. Rest well and we´ll try and catch up with you when we are all in the U.S.


    p.s. Hello to all the Stevens (Stevenses?) when you see them.

  2. Max says:

    Don’t judge my care before you receive.

  3. dan says:

    Are you sure you want to waste time with those Seattle-ites? Although I’m sure Quincy is looking forward to some biking with you.

  4. Twila Moon says:

    I’m in Seattle now and would love to catch up with you when you are here. Any chance I could join you guys for a dinner (in or out) or something like that? Hope so! 406-600-2793 if that’s easier than email. Go, biker, go!

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