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Okay, here is my debate regarding a calendar, or calendars of images from the last three months of my trip. I am interested in creating a black-and-white calendar in addition to a color calendar. Question: is that a frustration to anyone interested in my calendars because you would have to choose? Is the choice a benefit to you, or a burden? Would it be better if I just made one calendar? Second question: does it make sense to have the images follow a chronological order, or would it be better or more preferred to attempt to pair appropriate images and their corresponding calendar months? Because of cost savings, I am limited to images with a landscape orientation. As a result, I am drastically limited in the photos from which I can choose (turns out I love to take photos in the portrait orientation). I was also going to post the image selections on the website for everyone to see, comment on, or make requests. However, doing so would spoil the surprise. Is that a problem or not? Thanks for you comments and suggestions. Contact me by posting a comment to this post, or send me an email. For those of you with my phone number, a call would be ok too.

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  1. Annie McNamara says:

    I agree with Andrea’s idea on the calendar. I sure have been enjoying your pictures and your writings. Stay safe!

  2. Andrea Michael says:

    I think one calender with a combo of color and black and white, And I think it would be best to match photos to the month instead of chronological order.

    How fun, I can’t wait to have one!

  3. Martha Sellers says:

    I love B&W, so that’s great with me, but I also know that people love color, so that would be fine, too. It’s not a hardship for me to choose, but it seems like it would be easier for you to do just one? You are darling to worry about us, but I would say just do what you most want to do and it will work for me/us. As for what images when, I’m not sure that it matters what order they are in, but I like the idea of images somewhat reflective of the month they are in. Chronology might matter more after your trip is all done and it will be fun to track it in its entirety. That’s my four cents.

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