Limited Window for Calendars

The first run of calendars will be arriving in Seattle today, but I am leaving Seattle in a week. For those of you who have forgotten, including myself, I am on a bike trip. It would be ideal if I could turn all of those calendars back around and place them in loving homes rather than carrying them with me down the road, or hassle friends to pick up my pieces again. Anyone that knows they are interested, please go ahead and make an order so that I can get them shipped out. I am not trying to be pushy, but I know how it is this time of the year with so much extra time between now and the new year. If there is enough demand for the calendars, then I will print a second batch and task someone else with distributing them. Thanks again for your support. – Justin –

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  1. Martha says:

    I will complete our order for two tomorrow, but why don’t you send the calendars to me and the orders can come to me to send? That’s crazy for you to do that, and I’m happy to help. I imagine that most of my friends will buy one, they might just not do it this quickly. Will that help?

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