Summer Plans (and Notions of Resuming Trip)

It has been nearly 4 months since I pedaled into LA and began what is now a somewhat long-term hiatus from the trip. A few things have contributed to this. Primarily, the scope of work I have agreed to take on and the multiple different projects I am helping with. Once I stepped aside to try and make a few bucks to help carry me all the way south, it became clear that living stationary is not necessarily cheap. I have found the need to take on as much work as possible if I am to leave with the savings I was anticipating. Couple that with an encroaching summer and my riding into the desert, and I hope it becomes clear why I will be waiting and working until August or September.

Have no fear, because I am dreaming up a pretty fun and eventful summer. Somehow I anticipate finishing the current remodel I am working on in 2 weeks (I estimate at least 3 weeks of work). I will immediately pick up on the next project and build a few cabinets to take up to the pops in Rapid City. Once there, we will build a great big covered wrap around deck on their house. With some additional projects tossed in, and some landscaping to do, I think we will be hard at work through June.

And finally comes July, my vacation month. Somehow I will get from Rapid City to Bozeman for a wonderful wedding of some dear friends on July 9th. Then the next weekend just happens to be the great Grand Targhee Folk Festival (July 15-17) with such acts as: Grace Potter, Sharon Jones, Bonaroma, Little Feat and others. There have been tentative plans in the making as long as I have been dreaming of my trip to meet some close friends somewhere south of the border to ring in our 30th Birthdays. Well, I am not south of the border, and so I screwed up that plan. Our fallback option is now Targhee. We would love to invite any and all to a great weekend listening to great music and basking in the glow of the Tetons (probably consuming some adult beverages as well). It is 3 weeks premature of my birthday, but works all the same.

Next, I am thinking July would be as good a time as any to get back to training for the 15,000 remaining miles left to Patagonia. I may choose to ride from Bozeman to Targhee (if anyone is interested), but I am becoming fairly certain I will ride from Targhee back to Colorado after the weekend of music. If anyone is interested in some bike touring and would like an extended summer vacation then there is your plan. Get yourself to Bozeman with a bike and some camping gear, we will ride to Targhee for some music, and then continue on to Colorado where you can fly back and resume your regularly scheduled life.

So there it is, the updated Roads Unwound Project. I hope to see some of you this summer.

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  1. Vic McMillen says:

    Justin — Eric turned 30 in April and Joanna is pregnant with their second child (our second grandchild). How did you guys get so old so quickly? Please know that our prayers and thoughts are with you as you continue to prepare for your “soon-to-be-continued” trip south. Hugs — Vic

  2. Becca MacDogg says:

    Thanks for the update!! I can’t wait for Targhee, though I will probably drive or ride in a car both to and from (I may try to bring my mountain bike…). Also, I think this will be a perfect way to celebrate your 30th, after all, the first festival we went to in Targhee was during your birthday (was it your 25th???). Woohoo!!

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