Let a new Chapter begin!



A new bike will whisk me south over the rough and tumble roads of Latin America. With much agony, I have set Surly Sue aside for her brutish sibling, Luci – short for Lucifer (it’s the orange thing).

And with that, there is nothing left to do but follow the advice of some brave dead soul and walk forward into the unknown. Travel with confidence and bravado into the latin world, and look back only to reflect on who I once was. Thanks for being patient with me as I hit the reset button and regrouped for the remainder of this trip. For a different perspective on the trip, reads Nathans blog.

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  1. Martha says:

    I’m so excited for this leg of your life to start, and I’ll be soaking up your posts as fast as you can write them. Wind at your back, my friend.

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