A Reunion!

To state the obvious is unnecessary, but given my absence from this habit of transcribing a life on the road I must indulge. Nathan looks much the same as when we last crossed paths in San Francisco; bearded, with a pony-tail growing longer by the day. Since then he has seen a multitude more miles and more sunshine than I. By no means road-weary, but road worn – like breaking in a good ball glove, or leather bike saddle. Time has seemed to soften the edges of his moods, and his outlook is now always tranquil (even as he mistakenly took a pair of scissors to his front tire).

It should also go without saying, but I must, it is humid. I left a pleasant 55 degree Colorado (on the verge of its first seasonal snowfall) to land in soggy Cancun. My attempts to acclimatize are nothing more than some shopping adventures about town as we prepare for our journey to Cuba, but they seem to be slowly helping. Whether or not I will adjust to, or simply endure this climate, is up for consideration. At some point in this journey we will climb back into the mountains.

Attempting to sort everything out for this trip to Cuba has left little time for exploring. Aside from the range of our wanderings about, I have little impression of Cancun, or Mexico for that matter. The humidity is more challenging than the culture shock; we are all just people going about our lives, whether in Spanish or English, it is not that different. As we hunted out food for dinner at 10 yesterday night, it was a vibrant Friday evening with music and throngs of people dressed to the nines, it was natural and easy with no nervousness or worry.

Tomorrow we depart for Cuba to spend a month cycling around. What we expect is a beautiful island full of friendly people, picturesque cities, and pristine waters to swim. Toss in some enthralling history and it shows why we are so eager to begin this side-trip.

Internet will be spotty at best, expensive for sure. I don’t plan on any extensive time on the website until back in Mexico. So, now that I have so many tuning back in for the adventures, I must warn of another pause in your programming. I am eager to find some fascinating pics, places and stories to share.

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  1. Lander says:

    Can not WAIT to hear about Cuba. Happy pedaling!

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