A Return to the Road

Lago de Atitlan, Guatemala

Four months is either a blip of time or an eternity. I experienced both in Xela. When I rode away on Monday I was leaving behind another transitional destination on my trip, a simple pause along my path. Yet, it was also enough time to develop real and lasting relationships that I am saddened to ride away from. Waiting for my package to arrive made the time seem like an eternity, but new friends made the time seem too brief. My bike was loaded down and my heart was heavy with emotion when I said my final goodbye to my new family and friends and weaved my way out of town. It was a testing days ride up and over to Lago de Atitlan with the burden of weakened legs and a heavy load. Hard or not, it also meant that I was back in action.

Loaded and ready. Saying goodbye to my new parents and our playful dog, Timmy.

At the beginning of the ascent up to the high point of the Pan-American Highway I was all smiles. But, the 50 mile day and close to 5,000ft of climbing left me with a different expression by the end.

After a few days rest in beautiful San Pedro, I am excited to be back on the road.

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  1. f' n pete blau says:

    get some buddy~ Glad to see your pics from your adventure that is continuing on!! lots of love! Jah rasta

  2. Sara says:

    Hope the return to the saddle is going well! It was fun to Skype… let’s do it again soon.

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