A Change of Weather & Countries

We must have complained a little to hard about the heat, because mother nature turned around and is dishing out some cold and rainy weather for us to deal with. Today will be the third day of 40 degree temps and rain or drizzle. We have been fortunate to only be wet and misserable while […]

Tok, Alaska

Four days out of Fairbanks, and we (Nathan and I) have made it to the happy crossroads of Tok. Venturing south and west from this junction and you will journey to Anchorage. South and east of here, as we will be doing, and you will make it to the Canadian border in less than a […]

A Fresh Look at the Dalton Hwy.

Now that everyone has had an opportunity to read about what I went through on the Dalton Highway I thought it appropriate to give another viewpoint. I mentioned in my post about meeting an Englishman, Nathan, who is doing a trip very similar to my own. His attitude and approach to the road was inspirational […]

One Hell of a Way to Start

One Hell of a Way to Start

Prudhoe Bay to Fairbanks, Alaska – 500 miles – Leg One The trip has now began, and it did so in great fashion. I have struggled with sitting down to write this first update partly because I haven’t fully processed what I went through on my first ten days of riding, and because I am […]

Leg One

I have managed to inch my way all the way down to Fairbanks and now I sit here nursing my sore body and feeding my face with anything I can find. It was a rollercoaster of a ride over the last 10 days; physically, emotionally and literally. I will be working through all of my […]