Beginning Anew

A deep-seated relaxation has overtaken me in just a few hours of the rainy Seattle weekend. For the first time since the start of the trip I feel at ease, completely able to let go of the complexities of the past few months. I am in the house of good friends and can just be, […]


During preparations for this trip I would commonly come across accounts of all the people that would take in cyclists, feed and wash them, and send them on down the road with a plethora of connections. I wondered if it was just the nature of certain people to be taken in, and how that would […]

Smithers to Banff (Day 52 – 70)

I have finally managed to compile some images from our eastward journey from Smithers, British Columbia to Banff, Alberta. Thanks for everyone’s patience as I pedal on down the road and neglect to regularly update the website. We are currently in Canmore until tomorrow afternoon when we will get a ride back up the road […]

Once in a Lifetime!

When a once in a lifetime opportunity presents itself, take it! Can I describe my upcoming detour a deviation from the deviation? Traveling east along the Yellowhead puts us so touchably close to the heart of the Canadian Rockies at Jasper, that to pass on the opportunity to bike the Icefields Parkway would be foolish. […]

Route Deviation

Four uneventful days from Smithers to Prince George has found us happily in the home of Carol and Wayne. Over a delicious meal and some lively conversation (local paleontology exploits, foreign travel, politics), Nathan and I have been persuaded/encouraged to deviate our southward route to Vancouver. As such, we will add a few days travel […]


What of the bear encounters? It wasn’t until our 5th day down the Cassiar Hwy that we encountered our first of many bears. I didn’t even see it when we rode by, but Nathan, the diligent, is always on the look-out and spotted a black bear in the bushes on the side of the road. […]

The Challenge Rewarded

If my trip down the Dalton Hwy in Northern Alaska was a rude, painful, and challenging awakening, then my trip down the Cassiar Hwy in British Columbia has been my reward. I was exposed to how challenging the road can be while pedaling south form the Arctic Ocean. How it will call the shots, and […]


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A Biking Vacation

I am catching up on a bit of news, and the usual tedium of digital life, while sitting outside a small general store in the sunshine across from the estuary at the end of the Portland Canal in Stewart, BC. Nathan and I are still traveling together, and this serves as our vacation from the […]

Whitehorse, Yukon

The rain began as soon as we had picked a spot to pitch out tents. We were in a hurry, as it was closing in on night darkness and we had made the inevitable mistake of assuming that after passing countless camp-sites we could move on a few more miles and easily find more. In […]

Haines Junction (Two days more to Whitehorse)

Somehow the pedals keep on turning (I am not sure how or who is turning them, ’cause at times it doesn’t feel like me). We have picked up the pace to make it to Whitehorse before winter, and it is taking a toll on the body. It is nice to know that we are strong […]

A Change of Weather & Countries

We must have complained a little to hard about the heat, because mother nature turned around and is dishing out some cold and rainy weather for us to deal with. Today will be the third day of 40 degree temps and rain or drizzle. We have been fortunate to only be wet and misserable while […]