A Reunion!

View at Picasa   To state the obvious is unnecessary, but given my absence from this habit of transcribing a life on the road I must indulge. Nathan looks much the same as when we last crossed paths in San Francisco; bearded, with a pony-tail growing longer by the day. Since then he has seen […]

The Band Will Play On:

If I had reason to feel bad about closing the end of my last post with a confession to quitting, then I have an even harder task this go around to explain that I was mistaken. In the face of mounting frustration at the prospect of solo travel, I made the only decision available. It […]

Summer Plans (and Notions of Resuming Trip)

It has been nearly 4 months since I pedaled into LA and began what is now a somewhat long-term hiatus from the trip. A few things have contributed to this. Primarily, the scope of work I have agreed to take on and the multiple different projects I am helping with. Once I stepped aside to […]

Another Great Article Supporting Biking:

I just found this article speaking to the economic benefits of biking. For instance, no car payments and no insurance means more money stays in your pocket. Of the money that does leave your pocket, most of it will stay withing your 5 mile convenient cycling radius further supporting the local economy and not the […]

Last Chance for Calendars

Last Chance for Calendars

This is the last chance for calendars before I make a personal call to each of my dear supporters who have yet to get a calendar and beg you directly. There isn’t much time between now and new years, so don’t let yourself be lost on January 1st without a calendar and any clue as […]

Putting Me in My Place

This post is going to progress a little like this: I will begin by tooting my own horn, like the robust french horn, then I will proceed to explain how someone, who will remain nameless for the moment, stuffed a plug, a tennis ball would probably be sufficient, into the end of my horn and […]

Big News of the Small

View at Picasa   What once was 34 and caused me great frustration has been reduced to 28. I refer to the teeth on my small chainring. My journey from northern Alaska to Seattle was accomplished with just two chainrings; a 50 tooth big chainring, and a 34 tooth small chainring. From here south I […]

Struggle of the Moment.

The bike is cleaned and tuned. The down sleeping bag and coat are washed and fluffed. I am rested and relaxed. Seemingly, I could be ready to depart Seattle in short time. I can’t decide to go, and I can’t decide to stay. The longer I linger, the more I can adjust, prepare, plan, learn, […]

Ok, wait just a bit longer.

So, in the interest of meeting up with the Seattle crew this weekend, I will be departing Vancouver tomorrow and making a three day journey down to Seattle. As a result, all the updates and news pieces will be on hold until then. I do plan on taking some decent time off in Seattle under […]

Lessons of the Road: 0-2000 miles

1. Expectations of the road, yourself, the terrain, will be broken. Good terrain can be deceptively challenging, challenging terrain can be deceptively easy. 2. There is always balance, even on the road; every ascent is met with a descent, and every challenge will be met with a reward. Refer to last post: The Challenge Rewarded […]


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Smithers, BC

I am taking today off in Smithers, BC. I will get around to some web posts and some photos from the last leg of my journey in the next few days.

Haines Junction (Two days more to Whitehorse)

Somehow the pedals keep on turning (I am not sure how or who is turning them, ’cause at times it doesn’t feel like me). We have picked up the pace to make it to Whitehorse before winter, and it is taking a toll on the body. It is nice to know that we are strong […]

Tok, Alaska

Four days out of Fairbanks, and we (Nathan and I) have made it to the happy crossroads of Tok. Venturing south and west from this junction and you will journey to Anchorage. South and east of here, as we will be doing, and you will make it to the Canadian border in less than a […]