A Reunion!

View at Picasa   To state the obvious is unnecessary, but given my absence from this habit of transcribing a life on the road I must indulge. Nathan looks much the same as when we last crossed paths in San Francisco; bearded, with a pony-tail growing longer by the day. Since then he has seen […]

Let a new Chapter begin!

Luci View at Picasa   Luci A new bike will whisk me south over the rough and tumble roads of Latin America. With much agony, I have set Surly Sue aside for her brutish sibling, Luci – short for Lucifer (it’s the orange thing). And with that, there is nothing left to do but follow […]

Close Chapter

After messing around, working, and anything else I could do to delay any sort of commitment to the bike, I am once again road bound. Wednesday I am flying south, like the birds, to pick up a trail in Mexico. This rather simple occasion marks a strong turning point in my recent plans; those marked […]

Summer Plans (and Notions of Resuming Trip)

It has been nearly 4 months since I pedaled into LA and began what is now a somewhat long-term hiatus from the trip. A few things have contributed to this. Primarily, the scope of work I have agreed to take on and the multiple different projects I am helping with. Once I stepped aside to […]

Brief June Update!

Perhaps the most important news to relay is that I have delayed the trip launch date by two weeks. This is mostly because I am working hard on a great prefab. project with Medicine Hat Inc. that I would like to see through the move at the end of June. Along with this learning opportunity […]

April Update

I indicated yesterday that I would be punishing myself through a century ride as some catch-up training. The good news is that I survived, the bad news is that I did not do a century. I cut it in half, which probably saved me, as my legs and lungs are not quite up to par […]

Photo Exhibit

A quick announcement that my photos are now on display at Wild Joe’s in downtown Bozeman. Please go check them out!

The Future of Roads Unwound

There is a little lag between what I envision for this website and the actual content. Obviously most of the information to be gathered on this website is going to be in support of the bike journey I will begin this summer. Therefore, I thought it essential to describe what I see the future of […]

Photo Exhibit

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Went on a Ride

Today was an absolutely amazing spring day here in Montana. So, I took advantage of it a went for a nice bike ride outside. It was very enjoyable, but certainly more work than sitting on my trainer indoors. A few hundred more of these and I should be all trained up and ready for the […]

Great News

I have great news to announce for the Roads Unwound Project. The trip proposal has been accepted by Kickstarter. Kickstarter is a website for artist to raise funds to help achieve their goals. I will have to put together a clearer proposal, and then once the project is posted it will be my source for […]

It’s On!

Well, I guess this makes it official – the great bike ride from Deadhorse, Alaska to Ushuaia, Argentina is on! I anticipate leaving sometime in July and spending approximately18 months traveling through the Americas by my own peddle power.  This site will most certainly change in the future, as this is simply the default layout […]