My Show in Gallatin Gateway: Landscape and Experience

LANDSCAPE & EXPERIENCE: A ROADS UNWOUND PROJECT – JUSTIN SMITH When we dream up an image of a landscape it is often a two-dimensional scene, void of depth and texture. By experiencing a landscape we learn of the expansive latitude of its personality. Seconds can separate sun from snow, calm from a gale, bringing the […]

A sampling of photographs and stories from my trip will be on display for a grand opening of a new exhibit space, The Grocery Store, in Gallating Gateway. This is an opportunity for me to reflect on my experience, and find a small bit of closure as my life is quickly moving forward. I recommend […]


Shortly after breakfast this morning the door bell rang and some commotion followed. Within minutes I heard the distinct sound of a grinder engaging metal. Some new project was being tackled, and fast. In my room I started to salivate. Could I, a somewhat trained architect and craftsmen, provide some usefulness to this house aside […]

Photo of the Day: Xelaju soccer match

Photo of the Day: Xelaju soccer match

Photo of the Day: Municipal Theater, Xela

This is a normal sized young girl and a normal sized old theater, but the contrast is wonderful. This is a normal sized young girl and a normal sized old theater, but the contrast is wonderful. View at Picasa  

Photo of the Day: Mercado La Democracia

Photo of the Day: Mercado La Democracia

Gnarly Bay Productions: A Story For Tomorrow

a story for tomorrow. from gnarly bay productions, Inc. on Vimeo. This is a video I stumbled upon the other day and says everything I have ever felt about living a full life. Also a good example of why the southern end of South America is so appealing, drawing me in like a hooked fish. […]

A Reunion!

View at Picasa   To state the obvious is unnecessary, but given my absence from this habit of transcribing a life on the road I must indulge. Nathan looks much the same as when we last crossed paths in San Francisco; bearded, with a pony-tail growing longer by the day. Since then he has seen […]

A Reminder:

The images that are part of the Sola Cafe Exhibit are up on my trip photos page. The exhibit will be up through March, but the only chance to come and see me in person is on Friday, February 4th at 4:30 for the artist’s opening. If you are local to Bozeman then purchases can […]

Roads Unwound: A Future

Some time aside is in order. When things are bad it is nice to step away for a breathe of focus. When things are good, it is often important to do the same. My thoughts of taking some time away from the trip began back when things were bad; the northern Oregon coast to be […]

Sola Photography Exhibit

Sola Photography Exhibit

Artist Opening on Friday, February 4th, 4:30 – 6 pm. SE Corner of Kagy and South 3rd, Bozeman, MT Come say hi. I will be in attendance!

Moving On

I have made it back to my bike and limited amount of possessions here in San Francisco to finally continue riding south. Tonight I will move about 5 miles across town to the Mission District to stay with another long distance tourer (San Fran. to Argentina and a few trip across the country) for some […]

Where in the World?

Where in the world is Waldo, aka Justin the Steely Thighed Biker, aka Justin the Cheating, Car-driving, Pudding Thighed Biker of Yesteryear? Since I crossed the Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco under cloudy and drizzly skies three weeks ago I have seen towering skyscapers and towering snow drifts; I have been reminded of the […]

Through Oregon!

As anybody following along surely knows, it was touch and go there for a bit. I wasn’t even sure I would make it through Oregon. Technically I still have 5 more miles to go, but it should be ok. I only suffered 5 flat tires and my rear tire is about to blow out. I […]

Resisting Hasty Decisions

There are times when it is appropriate to notice your gut instincts, to react upon them, and there are times when it is important to check those emotions at the door and step forward. My gut reaction to this whole mess I have found myself in is to withdraw, to back away and reconsider. The […]


I don’t know when it happened, where it happened, how it happened, or what the catalyst was, but I am no longer in love with what I am doing. Maybe it was the constant crashing that the ice-swept roads of northern Oregon put me through, or maybe it was the four flat tires in one […]


I spent a majority of today huddled against one wall of my tent trying to keep the 70mph winds from breaking my tent. After a week or more of relentless winter I am seriously giving thought to a hiatus. Letting the seasons work themselves through and resuming the ride down this amazing coast when I […]

Ice Road Biking!

As the episode opens the camera pans across the chaos on the road. Showing snapshots of ice, of the winter blizzard that is gripping the Northwest. The people that are braving the cold are bundled to the brim, their breathe leaving a trail of frustration as it exits their noses. Cars are shown abandoned on […]

Made it to Portland

I am here and safe. Thanks to all who were concerned and thinking of this crazy guy out on the roads during the worst cold snap and snow storm in November in the Pac. Northwest in decades. Can’t say I loved it, but I did smirk in amusement frequently. More to come soon.

Mama Nature Still in Control

Today I had time to reconsider risk and reward. The short explanation is that I am writing this from the comforts of a Motel 6 in Kelso, WA. Mama Nature came out to play. Written in the snow I was riding through, or perhaps whispered in the wind in my face, she said, “you think […]

Against All Odds

Against all odds, I am forcing myself to take off tomorrow. Tucker and Sara are too nice to kick me out, but Quincy the dog has had enough. He wants rest during the day, and not someone constantly in his face, pestering and causing a rucus. The good news is that the weather has also […]

Limited Window for Calendars

The first run of calendars will be arriving in Seattle today, but I am leaving Seattle in a week. For those of you who have forgotten, including myself, I am on a bike trip. It would be ideal if I could turn all of those calendars back around and place them in loving homes rather […]

2011 Calendar Now Available!

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Calendar Options

Okay, here is my debate regarding a calendar, or calendars of images from the last three months of my trip. I am interested in creating a black-and-white calendar in addition to a color calendar. Question: is that a frustration to anyone interested in my calendars because you would have to choose? Is the choice a […]