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A Home Away From Home: Xela

A Home Away From Home: Xela

View at Picasa   Street scene. View at Picasa   Quetzaltenango is one part grime and grit; chipped plaster falling from old concrete buildings, coughed exhaust crowding the air. Another part mysterious beauty; strict volcanoes rise nearby, and architecture from another age. Combined with the hardworking Guatemalteco, an often studious influx of foreigners, and another […]

Bike Free Guatemala

Tilapita sunset Tilapita sunset View at Picasa   Update: Time is slipping away like sand through my fingers. I have been off the bike long enough to forget, at times, what I am doing here. And, to make it all a bit more elusive, I am in limbo waiting for a package to arrive. Xela […]

Maps Paint Poor Pictures

What could be described as an adventurous looking line across Guatemala on our maps has turned out to be a full blown leg-burning, bike-pushing, cross-section of this diverse country. Starting near sea level in Rio Dulce and finding ourselves now at 8,000 ft in Xela we were anticipating some of the hard work that would […]